In 2015 the government removed levels of attainment from the national curriculum. Instead of progressing to higher levels, children are now expected ‘broaden and deepen’ their learning within the prescribed content for their year groups. Schools have been expected to develop their own systems of assessment to meet this new requirement. In East Sussex a set of ‘performance descriptors’ has been developed for each year group, which all the schools in Seaford are using. These can be found below.

At Chyngton we are assessing the children in each group against each descriptor. There are four assessment categories.

 A child can be assessed as being..

 * Unable to access the performance descriptor (this would only apply to children with complex SEND issues)

* Working towards the performance descriptor

* Working at the standard of the performance descriptor (i.e. they can do it!)

* Working at greater depth with the performance descriptor (i.e. they can use and apply it independently to new and unfamiliar situations)

Depending upon how much of the descriptors they achieve in each area they will then be awarded and overall assessment for the year in reading, writing and maths using the same four descriptors as illustrated below:

 For reading, writing and maths each year a child will be assessed as being..

 * Unable to access the expected standard

* Working towards the expected standard

* Working at the expected standard

* Working at greater depth within the expected standard

This is a very different way of assessing children’s progress and it will take time for parents, teachers and children to get used to the new system. The government is still unclear about assessment arrangements in the long term and the outcomes for 2016 have been described as ‘interim arrangements’. We will keep you updated with further developments.