Curriculum Intent 

At Chyngton, we teach computing to enable children to:

  •          Understand how computer systems work.
  •          Develop computational thinking in order to solve problems.
  •          Be creative.
  •          Be flexible in their use of applications.
  •          Represent, analyse and evaluate information.
  •          Use technology safely and responsibly.
  •          Understand how computing is used in the wider world.

Our vision is for children to:

  •          Enjoy the exciting and vibrant world of technology.
  •          Gain a sense of achievement and purpose in their use of technology.
  •          Gain the skills needed to live and work with technology in the twenty-first century.
  •          Understand the enormous variety of careers which utilise technology.
  •          Understand that gender, disability and ethnicity should not be barriers to a future working with technology.
  •          Understand how technology can be used as a cross-curricular tool.
  •          Understand the capabilities and limitations of technology and the implications and consequences of its use.
  •          Understand how technology can change the world.
  •          Become good digital citizens.
To find out more information about Computing please feel free to contact Mr Adams who is the subject leader.