Curriculum Overview

Our Curriculum

At Chynygton we have designed a strong and exciting curriculum offer to meet the needs of children in Seaford.

We have worked with other primary schools and Seaford Head to create a curriculum that emphasises the right learning for children to build on when they transition to Year 7.

This means ensuring that our children achieve good outcomes in reading, writing and mathematics by focusing on key needs in Seaford such as the need to build extensive and subjective specific vocabularies and develop the confidence to reason mathematically and apply number fluency.

We make use of our fantastic local area to support our topic based ‘learning journeys’ for example with trips to the beach, Cuckmere Valley, Friston Forest and Newhaven Fort.

At Chyngton we have further enhanced our curriculum offer by being the only primary school in Seaford to retain a swimming pool (with the result that nearly all our children learn to swim) and specialist teaching of computing to begin to equip children for the world of work beyond 2025.

We have recently been awarded the Primary Science Quality Mark for our work in Science.

Beyond the School Curriculum..

Last year 41% of children took part in our extensive after-school sports provision run in partnership with Wave Leisure and we also run a successful choir, coding club, karate and drama club as well as before and after school provision.

We ran a hugely popular ‘enrichment programme’ in 2018 (including activities as diverse as rollerblading, animation and music technology) and are building on this in our plans for the future.

If you require additional information about the curriculum please arrange to speak with your child's class teacher via the school office.