Governors' Welcome

Welcome to Chyngton School Governing Board. We are a hard-working and friendly team, committed to helping the school be the best it can be.

Governors are often referred to as “critical friends”, and our role is to support and question on all aspects of school life. We meet formally about seven times a year, and regularly visit the school on many other occasions to help us fulfil our duties. We get involved in interviews, monitor school developments and standards, and keep an eye on the school budget. We help oversee the school building and grounds, check on attendance, manage the headteacher’s performance and support pupil and staff welfare. Perhaps our most important job is to shape the direction and vision of the school. This means looking at the curriculum, staffing and our ethos. Mr Tollyfield is responsible for the day-to-day running of the school and governors concentrate on the ‘big picture’, asking themselves “What sort of school would we like to see in five years’ time?”  “What do we have to do to get there?”, and “How will we know when we have got there?”

If you would like to contact the governors, please ask at the school office or email our Clerk on Our minutes are available on request.

  • Mrs Jane Branson

    Co-opted Governor, Co-Chair of Governors, Training Link Governor and Learning Lead

    Experienced teacher and education advisor.
    Especially interested in reading and writing.
    Loves books, cats, theatre and baking!

  • Mr Chris Mercer

    Co-Chair of Governors, Information Governance Link Governor, Sports Premium Link Governor and Strategic Organisation Lead

    Experienced physiotherapist and team lead.
    Special interest in staff development.
    One child currently at Chyngton.
    Keen if hapless surfer.

  • Mrs Sharon Richenberg

    Co-opted Governor, Vice Chair, SEND and Pupil Premium Link Governor and Pupil Governor Link

    Background in healthcare and psychology.
    Interested in listening and responding to the views of our pupils.
    Enjoy growing vegetables, our glorious countryside, opera and reading.

  • Mrs Sarah Greed

    Clerk to Governors

  • Mr Robin Tollyfield


  • Mr Peter Bush

    Co-opted Governor, Data Link Governor and Health & Safety Lead

    I have worked at the University of Brighton since 2008 and currently lead the popular Biomedical Science courses as well as a list of administrative roles, while trying to carry out some research in my specialist interest of cartilage.
    We moved to Seaford in 2015 and my daughter attends Chyngton.
    When not working I enjoy being outside tending the garden, the bees, or paddling up the Cuckmere.

  • Mrs Jacky Cross

    Co-opted Governor, Data Link Governor and Shadow Vice Chair

    Experienced teacher and learning consultant.
    Enjoys walking, music, art and cooking.

  • Mrs Helen Cryer

    Co-opted Governor

    I taught in many different schools and colleges in the U.K and New Zealand until I retired. Now I love my role of grandmother, am a (struggling!) student of Spanish, and an enthusiastic member of Seaford Cinema.
    Education continues to be a great interest.

  • Mrs Jemima Hutchinson

    Associate Member, Resource Shadow Link Governor and Health & Wellbeing Shadow

    I have worked in safeguarding, youth and children's services for local government for over 16 years now.
    Specialist interest in safeguarding and CSE.
    I have always lived in Seaford and went to Chyngton as a child myself.

  • Mrs Chris Jennings

    LA Governor, Early Years Link Governor and Parent Liaison and Safeguarding

    I am a mother of 4 children (youngest born 1984) who were all educated at Annecy and Seaford Head Schools.
    I jointly started and ran Chyngton Playgroup for about 15 years.
    1993-2010 at SHCC I taught and assessed 16+ and adults to achieve NVQs (inc. Child Care).
    1990-2012 I taught adults who have learning disabilities a range of life skills subjects.
    2010 to present I work as a support worker to adults who have learning disabilities.
    I have been a governor at Chyngton Primary School since 2008. My current roles include parent/carer/staff liaison.

  • Mrs Susannah Robson

    Staff Governor

    Part-time teacher at Chyngton.
    For the last 15 years, I have taught in a variety of different schools in London and East Sussex.
    When I am not at Chyngton, I teach a gentle form of yoga and also work as a Progressive Counsellor and Natural Spiritual Healer.

  • Mrs Suede Stanton-Drudy

    Parent Governor, Human Resource Link Governor and Health & Wellbeing Link Governor

    Australian, vegetarian, Buddhist, Lawyer.
    Mum to two children, both at Chyngton.
    Loves to watch TED talks.

  • Mr Russell Wood

    Parent Governor and Finance Lead

    I have two children with eldest started at Chyngton in September 2017.
    I have always enjoyed my education and hope to assist the school with bringing that to the next generation.