At Chyngton, we are driven by a passion for our children to make the most of all life’s opportunities. This is why we say,

“At Chyngton, I can…


We want all of our children to become confident mathematicians, able to recall key facts; spot patterns and connections between different areas of maths and make links to the world around them.

We want children to build their understanding and love of maths in engaging, practical and meaningful ways; this is why our maths mastery curriculum delivers lessons through concrete experiences, rich language, pictures and written methods.

Our whole-school curriculum follows the ‘Maths No Problem’ scheme, which “believes that every child can master an understanding and love of maths with the right kind of teaching and support.”

Our curriculum design and coverage ensures that children have opportunities to learn key facts, spot patterns and links between different areas of maths and make real-life connections.

Not only is Maths No Problem the only DfE accredited scheme, but we specifically chose this scheme because:

  • It is designed to meet the requirements of the 2014 curriculum
  • It provides clear progression across year groups
  • Previous learning is built upon as part of a spiral curriculum
  • It supports maths mastery teaching approaches through the use of expertly created anchor tasks, guided practice and intelligent practice (sometimes called procedural variation)
  • Children are challenged to think about maths in different ways, as key concepts are presented to children in a number of different ways (conceptual variation)
  • Teacher’s subject knowledge and pedagogy is further developed through their access to online professional Development materials

Teachers at Chyngton are skilled in supplementing this scheme with additional resources from White Rose and the NCETM to further engage, motivate and challenge pupils.

To find out more information about Maths please feel free to contact Miss Barry (KS1) or Miss Brett (KS2) who are the subject leaders.