Curriculum Intent

At Chyngton, we know reading is a key life skill and ensure that is a fundamental part of what we do. We are dedicated to enabling our pupils to become lifelong readers by teaching them how to read well and how to read for pleasure. Research shows that reading has a hugely positive impact on both mental well-being and job opportunities in the future. We are committed to giving our children the best opportunities possible. All children at Chyngton Primary School are exposed to high quality texts across the curriculum and reading skills are taught explicitly in all year groups. As a school, reading has a very high profile and this begins the moment children start in Early Years.

We begin the teaching of systematic phonics in reception and our aim is for children to become independent readers by the end of Key Stage One. This way, children can focus on developing their fluency and comprehension as they move through the school. At Chyngton, we follow the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme using the ‘Jolly Phonics’ actions to support children with remembering the sounds. Systematic synthetic phonics is a method of teaching where words are broken up into the smallest units of sound (phonemes). Children learn to make connections between the ways sounds are written as letters. They are also taught how to break up words, or decode them, into individual sounds, and then blend sounds together to read the whole word.

We understand the importance of developing children’s understanding of text and the skills needed for this are delivered during reading lessons. We focus on teaching children:

  • vocabulary, so that they know what the words they read mean;
  • context, so that children understand the topic of what they are reading
  • comprehension skills, so that children can talk about a wide range of text types with confidence.

All children take books home to read. In Early Years and KS1, children take home phonics reading books and book banded books. These books are matched to their phonics and reading ability. In KS2, children take home Accelerated Reader books from our school library. Accelerated reader is an excellent resource that provides structure to children reading books. It ensures that they choose books appropriate to their ability. It also gives the children the opportunity to show what they know about the book they have read through a quiz.

We give all children the opportunity to enter the magical worlds that books open up to them. The high profile of reading in school is further enhanced by our Year 5 and 6 Reading Buddies who support the younger children to read every day, holiday reading challenges to promote a variety of reading experiences at home and our book events such as ‘Books with Cocoa’ that take place throughout the year.

At Chyngton, we want children to understand both how useful and fun reading is. 

To find out more information about reading please feel free to contact Mr Nandhra who is the subject leader.