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Chyngton Primary School

Seaford Learning Trust 

We achieve excellence together by working collectively to ensure that everyone in the Seaford Community is supported, challenged, and inspired to become the very best that they can be.   

We deliver an all – through education of the highest quality in a community where learning is for everyone. 


Although each school continues to have autonomy in terms of uniform, identity and ethos, this co-ordination will ensure that exceptional practice is shared and standards are raised. This partnership will benefit all stakeholders as outlined below:

Benefits for Children:

  • A supported and co-ordinated education from the start of reception for children within the trust
  • Increased subject specialism at primary school benefiting from secondary input
  • A curriculum rooted in our locality and local cultural capital that develops into the Seaford – wide curriculum
  • Clear pathways from primary through to secondary, early careers and further education
  • A curriculum in which every subject builds on what has gone before
  • Increased access to specialist support e.g. SEN support, counselling
  • Opportunity for older children to act as role models and share their work and understanding of how to become more effective learners
  • Increased enrichment opportunities and access to specialist facilities e.g. sports, music and science; the development of the Seaford Enrichment Entitlement

Benefits for Staff:

  • An opportunity to identify and share most effective practice
  • Centralisation of some resources increasing access (e.g. mini – bus, technology)
  • A broader CPD offer and more varied opportunities for career progression (e.g. cross – phase)
  • Different pathways into leadership and improved recruitment and retention
  • Access to specialist support which is deployed cross phase (e.g. Intensive Family Support Practitioner)
  • Terms and conditions matched to East Sussex and protection of continuous service

Benefits for parents and carers:

  • Guaranteed progression for their children into Seaford Head School
  • Support from the “all – through” team of staff for the entirety of their child’s education supporting a seamless transition through each key stage
  • Increased access to shared resources (e.g. counselling, IFSP)
  • All the schools will maintain their current identity and ethos and continue to function as approachable “family – friendly” schools
  • The opportunity to serve on the governing board at member/ trustee/ local level or to serve of the expanded PTA/ Parent Council groups

Benefits for schools:

  • Schools with their own strong identity underpinned by shared values
  • Schools with an expertly taught broad and balanced all – through curriculum which gives students skills and knowledge that they need to thrive in life
  • Schools which benefit from high quality central services that support exceptional teaching
  • Schools that are safe and happy environment which enable students and staff to thrive and succeed
  • Schools with governance, leadership and management which is robust at all levels, ensuring that the trust is fully accountable to its stakeholders

Seaford Learning Trust AGM Notice March 2024