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Chyngton Primary School

Welcome to Chyngton Primary School!

Welcome to our popular family-friendly school and our website.

We are very proud to lead an amazing school community here at Chyngton in which our children learn, grow and make progress together. They tell us that they are happy at Chyngton and that “Chyngton is like a friendly community, you learn to be proud of yourself”.

In recent years, our school has gone from strength to strength because of the dedication, energy and creativity of our vibrant staff who commit themselves every day to doing their very best for the children. This is reflected by the efforts that our children make to progress and learn, as well as showing respect and kindness for one another.

We make sure that our children are both challenged and supported through a curriculum that prepares them well for secondary school. We have invested significantly in computing, music, science, swimming, early reading and maths in order to give pupils the skills they will need for life in the modern world. We are about to join the ‘Seaford Learning Trust’ along with Seaford Head School to take that seamless learning journey to the next stage, introducing children to the world of work and enriching their experiences.

Our achievements were recognised by Ofsted in May 2022 but we never stand still as we work towards the goal of being outstanding.

Ofsted Report

Please contact us for any enquiries via the school office.


Mr Robin Tollyfield and Miss Amy Clarke 

Co Headteachers